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Sometimes All It Comes Down To Is, "How Does It Sound, How Does It Feel?"

Superb Piano Performance — to Go

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Forget the bells and whistles, the blinking lights...for many of today's piano players, there are only two things that matter an awesome piano sound and authentic piano action. The P-80 delivers both. Every one of its incredible piano voices uses stereo samples of some of the world's top acoustic pianos. And for even more authentic sound, many of those voices feature multiple layers of samples set at different velocities,which means that not only the volume, but also the harmonic structure changes depending on how the keyboard is played. - just like on a real piano! Plus the P-80 features Yamaha's highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect keyboard to deliver a piano action that's nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. All this in an ultra slim and lightweight body that's easy to carry to the gig and fits perfectly in your home. For those demanding superb piano performance without the size and weight, the P-80 is a perfect fit.


For some keyboard players,

All that matters is great piano sound and authentic piano action – the P80 gives you both. Plus its sleek, lightweight body makes it easy to carry wherever you need it to go.
Whether you're practicing at home, playing with the band, or doing a live sol...

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