• P140

Colors / FinishesP-140:Black

  • P-140:Black
  • P-140S:Silver

Digital Piano


[Contemporary Digital Pianos]

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Amazing Sound, Authentic Piano Action, Contemporary Design and Simple Operation

P-140 / P-140S Brochure [English] P-140 / P-140S BrochurePDF [1.2MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The P-140 offers both the authentic feel of an acoustic piano and the advanced features of today's digitals. It brings users an exceptional range of instrument voices, from organs and harpsichords to the new, all-in-one piano & string dual voice. Recorded using Yamaha's own AWM sampling technology, all onboard voices accurately reproduce the subtlest harmonics of the actual instrument with stunning realism. Whether you are an accomplished or aspiring musician, the P-140 has the simple operation and superior style you need to showcase your abilities.



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