The Ultimate Stage Piano


Release Date : 12/2009

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A premium instrument with a commitment to tradition and innovation

CP Series Brochure [English] CP Series BrochurePDF [794KB]
CP1 -The Yamaha CP1- [English] CP1 -The Yamaha CP1-PDF [8.3MB]
CP1/CP5/CP50 Brochure [English] CP1/CP5/CP50 BrochurePDF [2.6MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


The CP1's design is an elegant blend of tradition and innovation with attention to detail and quality in every component.

Each individual part of the CP1 was specifically designed to reflect Yamaha's commitment to making a timeless instrument with lasting value. The classic wooden side panels and the vintage textured top call up memories of legendary keyboards of the past. ...

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