61-Key Synthesizer with Initial Touch and Aftertouch



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The Impressive Sounds And Features Of The S80 In A Compact. Stylish Syth

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The 61-key S30 features aftertouch, an expandable synthesis engine and the architecture and sound of the larger Yamaha S80. The S30 provides full 64-note polyphony, 64 multi-mode resonant filters and 24MB ROM. ON-board voices include 256 presets with stereo-sampled pianos, strings, brass, as well as a complete sonic palette of other high-quality sounds. Create your own sounds (including analog-style synth sounds) and store them in any of 128 user-voice memory locations. There are also 128 user-storable performances for layers, splits and multi-timbral sequencer setups.


PLG Modular Synthesis Plug-in Expansion Boards

There's more to the S30 than what's in the box. With Yamaha's PLG modular Synthesis Plug-in expansion boards, you can add new synthesizers and effects processors to your system. Load a plug-in board to give the S30 new sounds and effects, more polyphony ...

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