Hybrid Pianos

A new identity for the piano, born from the fusion of cutting-edge technology and more than a century
of piano-crafting experience.

Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of Hybrid Pianos that truly captivate;
a harmony of traditional acoustic artistry and enhanced technological brilliance.

Yamaha Hybrid Piano Line

Silent Pianos
Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano”. Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber-optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately record piano performances and play back with all of the expression and nuance of the original performance. These instruments have many capabilities that provide an extensive range of entertainment and educational uses.
With a design embodying the latest in technology, Yamaha signals a new direction for the piano. Hybrid pianos are the ultimate expression of "innovation with soul". With a keyboard and pedals indistinguishable from those of an acoustic piano, Hybrid pianos weave advanced technology into an extraordinary design that gives form to the aspirations of Yamaha for the future.
A piano you can play any time you want, with the natural touch of an acoustic piano. Yamaha Silent Pianos offer enhanced Silent functions and an even richer sound. A highly sophisticated sensor technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module. Play a real acoustic piano at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others.
An acoustic piano with volume control, or a digital piano with strings? The latest Yamaha technological development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. By combining over 100 years of Yamaha expertise in piano craftsmanship, engineering and innovation, the TransAcoustic Piano introduces a new way for you to emotionally connect with your instrument. The touch of the keys, the embodiment of sound, the resonance of strings; TransAcoustic Technology enhances the playing experience by using all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify digitally generated sounds.

What Makes Yamaha Hybrid Pianos So Exceptional?

Spatial Acoustic Speaker System

With the introduction of AvantGrand, Yamaha has revolutionized the approach to sampling the sound, nuance and presence of the acoustic piano. Treating the soundboard not simply as a point source of sound but as a three-dimensional plane, samples are taken at four positions, adding optimum center and rear locations to the traditional left and right. As a sound source, special care was taken in selecting the best single instrument from among the CFIIIS full concert grand pianos for sampling. The end result of these efforts is that the AvantGrand series re-creates the original sound of a superb grand piano. Meanwhile, the AvantGrand’s Spatial Acoustic Speaker System has been designed to ensure that this sound is heard best at the playing position. The specialized three-way speaker system reproduces the rich natural resonance of the soundboard with extreme accuracy, while the innovative configuration allows the instrument to create a vivid representation of each individual note. For even greater sonic accuracy, Spatial Acoustic Speaker System layouts are optimized for the size of each AvantGrand model.

Exclusive Streaming Services

Yamaha Disklavier pianos offer exclusive streaming services for your enjoyment. DisklavierTV™ delivers live and on-demand video performances over the Internet that perfectly synchronize every keystroke and nuance, playing the keys of YOUR piano! Also, Yamaha Piano Radio offers over 25 channels of streaming piano music—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Non-Contact Optical Sensing Systems

On Yamaha Silent Pianos, non-contact continuous optical sensor systems are used to register the depth and velocity at which keys are depressed. Along with the key sensors, grey-scale shutters are installed under each of the 88 keys. A grey-scale shutter is a small, thin plate whose optical transmission increases towards its bottom while a light beam is constantly radiated inside a key sensor. When a piano key is depressed, a grey-scale shutter blocks that light, with the amount of light blocked increasing in proportion to the depth of the keystroke. Based on the amount and traveling speed of the blocked light, the sensor registers keystroke depth and velocity as well as the timing at which muting should occur. The registered information is then transmitted to the instrument’s tone generator.

TransAcoustic Technology

A piano is designed as a very sophisticated speaker. When you consider that the instrument can be heard from hundreds of feet away when a felt-covered hammer strikes a piano string, it is incredible how much sonic energy can be created. TransAcoustic Technology is an innovative technology that both utilizes and expands on the incredible sonic qualities of an acoustic piano. It starts with the production of a very high quality acoustic piano and uses all elements of the instrument to augment and amplify digitally generated sounds. This proprietary technology makes it possible to hear digital sounds in conjunction with, or in place of, the piano's acoustic voice. TransAcoustic Technology combines a number of technological advancements such as a specially developed transducer system, optical sensors and a digital tone generator with the acoustic characteristics of the piano, providing natural acoustic presence, cabinet vibration and string resonance when playing digital sounds. The implementation of TransAcoustic Technology "injects" sound into the acoustic soundboard of the piano without hindering the movement of the soundboard itself, preserving the fidelity of both the acoustic and digital attributes of the instrument.

Who Plays Yamaha Hybrid Pianos?

Lisa Yui (Disklavier)

Described as "a musical phenomenon" (Pianiste), Yamaha Artist Lisa Yui enjoys a multifaceted musical career as a pianist, lecturer, teacher, author and musical director. Since making her concerto debut at the age of seven, Ms. Yui has performed throughout North America, Europe and Asia as a recitalist and soloist with orchestra. Lisa Yui has worked extensively with the Yamaha Disklavier, having given numerous performances, including a solo recital of music for four hands, two pianos, and piano and orchestra, as well as long-distance "Remote Lessons". Yui has also recently released her incredible performances of 4 Beethoven Piano Sonatas: Performance and Commentary on DVD and Blu-ray.

Inna Faliks (Disklavier)

Ukrainian-born pianist Inna Faliks has established herself as one of the most passionately committed, exciting and poetic artists of her generation. After her acclaimed debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at age 15, she has performed on many of the world's great stages, with numerous orchestras, in solo appearances and with conductors such as Leonard Slatkin and Keith Lockhart. Ms. Faliks is a Yamaha Artist and plays Yamaha Disklavier pianos.

Barry Manilow (AvantGrand)

With worldwide sales of more than 75 million records, Barry Manilow’s success is a benchmark in popular music. His concerts and night-club performances sell out instantly. He is ranked as the top Adult Contemporary chart artist of all time, according to Radio & Records and Billboard magazines. Barry Manilow is a Yamaha Artist and plays Yamaha AvantGrand pianos.

Alexander Kobrin (AvantGrand)

Internationally acclaimed pianist Alexander Kobrin is the winner of numerous international piano competitions - notably the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, and was a winner of the renowned Busoni, Hamamatsu and Glasgow International Piano Competitions. He has received numerous special awards for his brilliant technique, his musicality and his emotional engagement with the audience through music. In addition to his performing and teaching, Alexander also regularly undertakes recording projects. Alexander Kobrin is a Yamaha Artist and plays Yamaha AvantGrand pianos.

Alicia Keys (Silent Piano)

The extraordinary, multi-platinum, 11-time GRAMMY® Award winning Alicia Keys is a rare artist among her own generation – a singer, songwriter and pianist who combines classical training with an old school sensibility and a direct relationship with today's mix of hip-hop and R&B. Since the 2001 debut of Songs In A Minor, the New York native has built an unparalleled repertoire of hits and accomplishments and clearly established herself as one of the best-selling artists of the decade. Alicia prefers the Yamaha C6 and C7 Silent Pianos to create the musical masterpieces that have earned her devoted fans all around the world.

Elton John (Silent Piano & Disklavier)

Four decades, 200 million record sales, 50 Top 40 hits, 5 GRAMMYS and a raft of other awards later, Elton John is still the musician by which all other musicians are measured. His success has had a profound impact on popular music and has contributed to the continued popularity of the piano in rock and roll. Elton John plays Yamaha Silent pianos and Disklavier pianos - including his Yamaha custom-built Red Piano and Million Dollar Piano.


No Strings on a Piano, but the Tone Is Grand - NY Times

There are some things you just don’t expect to read about in a column about electronics. Gluten-free waffles, for example. Ferrets. Moist towelettes. And you’d probably expect that list to include pianos. No, not digital pianos. Not those plastic, flat appliances with 983 instrument sounds and realism that would fool nobody.

25 Years of Disklavier- Music Trades (PDF)

Live from the stage of Disney’s Hyperion Theater in Anaheim, Sir Elton John sent the first piano chords of his 1970 hit “Your Song” echoing into a packed house. Almost in the same moment his performance was replicated, note for note and nuance for nuance, on pianos in at least 11 countries.

Yamaha NU1 Upright Hybrid Piano - Keyboard Magazine

"People come in here looking for an acoustic upright they can afford, but often leave with this thing." So said more than one piano dealer we spoke to when doing research for the affordable acoustic piano roundup in this issue.

Cyprien Katsaris on the AvantGrand

"My history with the piano began when I was about three and a half years old. I started by playing with one finger on a piano bought for my sister. Much later I entered the Paris Conservatoire, and even now, I still sit at the piano every day, and devote myself to hours of concentrated practice."

HJ Lim Performance

HJ Lim performs excerpts from Rachmaninov's "Piano Concerto No.2" on the Yamaha SH Silent Piano along London's Regent's Canal.

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