Colors / FinishesMB-8200 Series Bass Drum:

  • MB-8200 Series Bass Drum:
  • MB-8214 in Silky Silver:
  • MB-8216 in Silky Silver:
  • MB-8220 in Red Forest:
  • MB-8220 in Red Forest:
  • MB-8222 in White:
  • MB-8224 in White:
  • -82MB-26 in Black Forest:
  • MB-8228 in Black Forest:
  • MB-8230 in Blue Forest:
  • MB-8232 in Blue Forest:

8200 Field-Corps Series Bass Drums

MB-8200 Series Bass Drum


Designed for top marching programs, Field-Corps marching bass drums provide a deep, resonant tone, and forceful attack. From the focused tone of the smallest size at 14"to the thunderous boom of the largest model at 32", these bass drums are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor marching percussion activities

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.



7-ply birch/mahogany shell provides a precise balance of deep, resonant tones and solid, punchy attack; this shell configuration not only sounds great it has a much lighter carrying weight than its all-hardwood counterparts
Like all Yamaha marching ...

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