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Power-Lite Carriers

Power-Lite CarriersPower-Lite Carriers

Power-Lite Carriers By May

Monoposto & Biposto Contour Hinge Carriers with ABS™

Monoposto & Biposto Contour Hinge Carriers with ABS™Monoposto & Biposto Contour Hinge Carriers with ABS™

MAY® continues patented innovations, advancing both Posto Series and Contour Hinge technologies with new ABS-AR (Articulating Back Support-Auto Release). ABS-AR, like its ABS predecessor, enhances all the wellness features and benefits along with redis...

Field-Corps Aluminum Tubular Carriers

Field-Corps Aluminum Tubular CarriersField-Corps Aluminum Tubular Carriers

The Field-Corps Aluminum Tubular by MAY® carriers feature ergonomic lightweight design with multiple adjustments to enhance comfort. These Field-Corps carriers are gender-friendly, tubular embodiments, with adjustments to fit a wide range of student siz...

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