40" x 22" Virtuoso Concert Bass Drum with stand and heads



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Professionally designed concert bass drum for high-level performance situations

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Virtuoso Percussion Series Yamaha's expanded Virtuoso series is geared toward universities, high-end users, professional percussionists and professional orchestras. These new instruments will set a standard of excellence with unique designs, superb construction and unrivaled playability stretching the musicality of those performing with them. The Gold Virtuoso vibe uses the same frame-style as our existing Tour series instruments, but has a unique 4-octave range, C28-C76. The YV-4110 projects a bright, full sound with more overtones. For a warmer sound with fewer overtones, the YV-4110M model uses a matte finish and offers better response for close miking. A drop cover and set of soft cases will also be available. The CB-840BS Virtuoso concert bass drum features a 9-ply birch shell in a professional 40" x 22" size. It comes standard with the Virtuoso arched-style stand with full tilting capability, and custom Remo® Legacy® heads. Additional features include comfortable T-handle tuning rods, heavy duty small-body lug casings, 10-lug design, heavy duty metal hoops, and a sleek chestnut wood stain finish. The YM-5104A Virtuoso marimba is designed in a 5 1/2 octave range with additional notes in the upper register to G83. It is designed especially for playing transcriptions of violin literature. As with our other smaller rosewood marimbas, the Virtuoso marimba features a height adjustable frame by gas spring struts, upper crossbar with dual angle supports and a see-through cherry wood stain wood frame. "Expanding the Virtuoso Series has been a dream of Yamaha's for years," states Steve Anzivino, Percussion product manager. "Offering these specialized percussion instruments will expand the sound palette of professional percussionists and composers, as well as serve the ever-growing need of educational institutions."


100% birch shell

Provides solid attack and a full, resonant sound.

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