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Keiko Abe Signature Models

Keiko Abe Signature ModelsKeiko Abe Signature Models

Designed in close collaboration with Keiko Abe, her Signature Series Mallets are designed to draw out the most from both the performer’s technique and tone from the instrument in compositions that require exceptional technique. Ideal for advanced players...

Artist-Master™ Concert Bass Drum Mallets

Artist-Master™ Concert Bass Drum MalletsArtist-Master™ Concert Bass Drum Mallets

Available in five models to suit any musical style, these mallets are precisely balanced to maximize sound control.

Artist-Master™ Gong Mallets

Artist-Master™ Gong MalletsArtist-Master™ Gong Mallets

Available in three weights, all with 7/8" diameter maple shafts and yarn wound solid core heads for full sound and feel.

ME Series Educational Mallets

ME Series Educational MalletsME Series Educational Mallets

Designed especially for students, the educational series provides an ideal combination of weight and balance perfectly suited for younger players. The hollow shafts are of flexible, durable fiber-reinforced plastic with a non-slip finish.

MV Series Virtuoso Mallets

MV Series Virtuoso MalletsMV Series Virtuoso Mallets

Professional quality mallets for keyboard percussion instruments.

YTM Series Timpani Mallets

YTM Series Timpani MalletsYTM Series Timpani Mallets

High quality timpani mallets with five different heads.

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Artist-Master™ Keyboard Mallets

Artist-Master™ Keyboard MalletsArtist-Master™ Keyboard Mallets

Perfect for general band room use, as well as for the professional performer.

Mallet Kit
Mallet Kits

Mallet KitMallet Kit

Yamaha mallet kits offer an assortment of mallets and accessories in a convenient bundle.

Deagan Rawhide Chime Mallet
Deagan Rawhide Chime Mallet

Deagan Rawhide Chime MalletDeagan Rawhide Chime Mallet

Rawhide head for a classic concert chime sound.

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