Multi-Frame II for select Yamaha mallet keyboard instruments

Multi-Frame II

Reengineered with several new features to support instruments and accessories even better than before.

Designed to support select Yamaha instruments and accessories even better than before.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Multi-Frame II Reengineered for Field and Stage Building on the success of our original Multi-Frame system, we have reengineered several features to make an even better product than before. Highlights of the Multi-Frame II system include 1 1/2" square pipe on three sides of the instrument, stronger 6" casters with in-line locking mechanism, height adjustment by pneumatic struts and a new easy-to-use clamp. Perfect for indoor and outdoor marching activities, stage-show pits, percussion solos, and percussion ensembles, the Multi-Frame II instruments are sturdy, convenient and practical. Four models are available, including an Acoustalon™ marimba, an Acoustalon xylophone and two vibes: YMRD-2400 Acoustalon Multi-Frame II marimba YVRD-2700 Silver Multi-Frame II vibe YVRD-2700G Gold Multi-Frame II vibe YXRD-335 Acoustalon Multi-Frame II xylo



New compressed gas spring system makes height adjustment of the entire rack a quick and easy operation
1 1/2 square pipes used for accessory bar provide non-slip shape for clamp to hold added components
Accessory bar, spanning three slides, allows...

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