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TP-3300 Series

TP-3300 SeriesTP-3300 Series

Protable Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani with Aluminum Bowl

TP-4300 Series

TP-4300 SeriesTP-4300 Series

Whether it's the quality sound, reasonable price, or sharp appearance, the 4300 Standard series is a great choice for middle school and high school performers.

TP-6300 Series

TP-6300 SeriesTP-6300 Series

The copper bowls, sleek design, and superior sound quality make the 6300 Intermediate Series a superior choice for high school and college timpanists.

TP-7300 Series

TP-7300 SeriesTP-7300 Series

Hammered copper bowls providing unparalleled tone quality, the PAC system, and sleek design make the 7300 Professional Series the best choice for collegiate and professional timpanists.

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