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TP-9000 Series


Heavy-duty design maintains structural integrity for a clear fundamental tone

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9000 Grand Concert Series

Designed and tested with the assistance of professional timpanists from around the world, the 9000 series timpani are the ideal choice for professional timpanists, orchestras and universities in need of a high caliber instrument. Because they are handcrafted with extreme attention to detail and strict mechanical tolerances, they produce a pure tone with outstanding sustain.

The 9000 series boasts a wider tonal range by offering 24" and 27" drums. Calfo calk-skin heads or Remo Custom Renaissance heads are included with each set.

Both Dresden and Berlin style pedal systems are available in American or German configuration. Each of the pedal styles uses Yamaha's ball bearing pedal locking system for a reliable hold of any note within the range. The adjustable footboard and kick plate accommodate individual player preference. For players who prefer a ratchet-locking system, it is also available on the Berlin-style pedal.

Features include heavy-duty aluminum-cast frame, 4mm drawn steel rim, numbered tension rods, and a fine tuner. In addition, the customer will have a choice of parabolic (standard) or cambered (European) hand-hammered, spun-copper bowls. These features make the 9000 series one of the most finely crafted instruments of its kind.

Tilting stabilizers are adjustable to solidify the playing position of each timpano, especially on uneven stages. Optional longer versions are available to accommodate sharper playing angles. In addition, built-in wheels are available, locking securely during performance and aid quick movements around stage or rehearsal rooms.

The 9000 Grand Concert series is an ideal choice for collegiate and professional timpanists seeking the highest level of tone quality with unprecedented craftsmanship.


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Heavy-duty design maintains structural integrity for a clear fundamental tone Teflon spray on bearing edge; direct-linked, extended range tuning gauge with accidental indicators; heavy, 4mm drawn steel rim; steel suspension ring; heavy-duty frame and tun...

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