Strausberg model cello

Strausberg model cello

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The New Tradition in Student String Instruments Yamaha violins, violas and cellos pack the best technology into student sizes. Yamaha has developed a new series of student and intermediate acoustic string instruments that provide beginning performers the same technology and craftsmanship used in professional models. Both the student and professional models are the outcome of a unique design process that began with original instruments by del Gesu, using 3-D computer imaging, precisely engineered jigs and collaborations with modern master violinmakers to create an original design for the 21st century. The AV7 and AV10 acoustic violins are the first orchestral string instruments Yamaha has designed and built solely for young performers. Available in half, three-quarter and full sizes, these violins are designed and sized especially for beginner and intermediate students, and are ideal as a first or step-up instrument. The V7 student violas, also designed and manufactured by Yamaha, are available in 14-in., 15-in., 15.5-in., and 16-in. sizes. The V7 Strausberg Cello is made to Yamaha specs and is available in full 4/4 size. All models feature hand carved Spruce tops, Maple backs, Ebony fingerboards and pegs, oil varnish and genuine inlaid purfling. The staff of the internationally renowned Guarneri House Violin Shop, Yamaha's partner in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides expert set-ups. "For the first time in its history, Yamaha-made instruments can be offered to the school orchestra, providing everything it needs to perform at its very best," says Michael Schaner, string instrument product manager, Band & Orchestral Division. "These student instruments follow years of research and development of high-end violins," Schaner says. "In true 'top-down' fashion, we have taken the features and applied processes normally only found on the most expensive models to make the best possible student instrument. The transition to the next level of violin will be seamless for students due to features integration."


European inspired

Strausberg model design based on popular German cellos.

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