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AC Power Adaptors

AC Power AdaptorsAC Power Adaptors

AC power supply for electric violins, silent violins, silent violas, silent cellos, and silent basses.

Extension Frames (Silent Bass)

Extension Frames (Silent Bass)Extension Frames (Silent Bass)

Increase your playability and comfort with the Silent Bass Extension Frame.

Knee Pads (Silent Bass)

Knee Pads (Silent Bass)Knee Pads (Silent Bass)

Give your Silent Bass an acoustic feel, even while seated.



Taking a break? Set your Silent Bass here.



One tuner does it all.

Violin Pickup System

Violin Pickup SystemViolin Pickup System

The new dual-sensor bridge pickup for acoustic violins.

Cases & Gig Bags

Cases & Gig BagsCases & Gig Bags

Cases for Yamaha string instruments.

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