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Clarinet Thumbrest Cushion
Yamaha YAC 1075 Clarinet Thumbrest Cushion

Clarinet Thumbrest CushionClarinet Thumbrest Cushion

Colorful support for your thumb!

Clarinet Thumbrest CushionOther colors available

AirCell Saxophone Neckstrap
AirCell Regular Sax Strap

AirCell Saxophone NeckstrapAirCell Saxophone Neckstrap

Extra comfort for your neck!

AirCell Bari Sax Neckstrap
AirCell Large Neckstrap

AirCell Bari Sax NeckstrapAirCell Bari Sax Neckstrap

Extra comfort for your neck! Large size for bass clarinet or bari sax.



Lubricants are made with the highest quality materials.

Clarinet Barrels
Clarinet Barrels

Clarinet BarrelsClarinet Barrels

Clarinet barrels that offer the flexibility to tune instruments for different playing conditions.

Saxophone Necks
Saxophone Necks

Saxophone NecksSaxophone Necks

Available in gold lacquer, black lacquer, silver plating, gold plating, or unlacquered (alto and tenor G1 necks only), Yamaha custom saxophone necks allow a player to fine tune the feel and sound of his or her horn.

Recorder Maintenance Materials
Recorder Maintenance Materials

Recorder Maintenance MaterialsRecorder Maintenance Materials

Take care of your recorder with these high quality maintenance materials.

Trumpet Valve Guard
Trumpet Valve Guard

Trumpet Valve GuardTrumpet Valve Guard

Crafted of black Verona full-grain leather.

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