• YBH-831

Colors / FinishesYBH-831S:Yellow brass/Silver-plated

  • YBH-831S:Yellow brass/Silver-plated


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Innovative Technology for Traditional Brass Bands

Neo Series, Baritone

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This is the first Yamaha Baritone to feature a 3-valve compensating system, and is another example of how advanced Yamaha technology and ideas come together to deliver the sound and playability artists desire. While retaining the traditional Baritone configuration, the YBH-831 includes refinements that are invisible to the eye but make a significant difference in performance.


Compensating System

The 3-valve compensating system is a traditional baritone type with an original tubing configuration for improved pitch compensation. By allowing breath to flow through the bypass tubes of valves that are pressed simultaneously with the third valve, pitc...

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