• YEP-642II

Colors / FinishesYEP-642II:Clear Lacquered

  • YEP-642II:Clear Lacquered
  • YEP-642SII:Silver-plated

Professional Bb Compensating Euphonium


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Developed with world renowned Brass Band artists

Part of the new line of “Neo” brass instruments, the YEP-642II is equally at home in solo or ensemble settings and allows for the most subtly nuanced dynamics and tonal inflections. The YEP-642II is available in lacquer or silver-plated (YEP-642SII) finishes.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The "Neo" line of Yamaha brass instrument are developed with some of the world's most renowned Brass Band artists.


Developed with Top Artists

The development of the "Neo" line of brass band instruments utilizes some of the top talent in the world. The new YEP-642II was designed with input from renowned euphonium teacher Bill Millar and acclaimed soloist Steven Walsh.

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