Professional Series, Bb flugelhorn, Yellow-brass, Bell: 151.6mm (6"), Bore size S: 10.50mm (0.413"), 3rd valve slide trigger Finish: Clear lacquer, Mouthpiece: Bobby Shew Model

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The Yamaha Z combines the tonal richness and depth of character of the older traditional flugels with the easy playability and superb intonation made possible by high-tech engineering. Inspired by legendary artist Bobby Shew, the Z features the perfect amount of air resistance to let you color the sound-your sound-exactly the way you want to. And it slots so nicely in the upper register you'll forget you're playing a flugel! A special 'Bobby Shew' signature mouthpiece is included which perfectly balances and complements the Z.


Vertical valve tubing

Traditionally, flugelhorns are made with vertical valve tubing.

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