The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – discussion about prominent Orchestra inspire always to exchange views and feelings. Different Styles, Interpretations, Traditions are favourite. Every time there is a special Topic – Vienna – perfect in Zusammenspiel, unique combinations : the Vienna Philharmonics are famous for there unexcelled performance from masterworks of the 18th and 19th Century. In perfect harmony the sounds of the strings blends with the ones of the woodwind and brass section. Traditional style in playing and traditional made instruments result in a homogenously sound spectrum from the whole orchestra. Yamaha supports the musical tradition of "Vienna". The number of craftsman who can build those specific Vienna Style Instruments declines. Musicians from Vienna met up with Yamaha and learned about the manifold possibilities and the interest for the musical origin – our reference to the Viennese musicians.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

  • Key : F (Bb,A)
  • Belldiameter : 290 mm
  • Bell with Kranz
  • Vienna Horn Pistons
  • Material : Yellow Brass
  • Bore 11.0 mm
  • Finish – unlacquered (YHR-601 is not available in a lacquered finish)

In close cooperation with the Players of the Vienna Philharmonic Yamaha developed the Vienna Style Frenchhorn.

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