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20 Series Student Recorders

20 Series Student Recorders20 Series Student Recorders

Yamaha 20 Series recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone's music education, and are the choice of teachers around the world thanks to their accurate intonation, easy playability and rich expressive sound.

300 Series Intermediate Recorders

300 Series Intermediate Recorders300 Series Intermediate Recorders

Yamaha 300 Series recorders are intended for more advanced players who are ready to move beyond the basics with an instrument that will maximize their performance.

Plant-based Plastic Recorders

Plant-based Plastic RecordersPlant-based Plastic Recorders

Based on our popular 300 Series designs, the bodies of these models are made from plant-based ECODEAR® plastic that gives them a mellow, centered tone similar to that of wooden recorders.

Wooden Recorders

Wooden RecordersWooden Recorders

Handcrafted from carefully selected woods, these instruments are for players serious about their music. Yamaha wooden recorders have earned a high reputation from professional soloists down to amateur enthusiasts.

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Colorful Plastic Soprano Recorders


Teacher approved and easy to play - a fun way to start your musical journey.

YRS-20BOther colors available

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