• YSS-875EXHG

Colors / FinishesYSS-875EXHG:Gold Lacquer

  • YSS-875EXHG:Gold Lacquer
  • YSS-875EXHGS:Silver-plated
  • YSS-875EXHGB:Black Lacquer

Custom EX Soprano Saxophone with High G Key


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Yamaha's most prestigious soprano saxophone

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Yamaha Custom EX sopranos are an improved version of the classic YSS-875, already considered by many to be the finest soprano saxes ever made. The new design with its G2 neck offers even broader expressive capabilities with wide dynamics, precise intonation, and a gorgeous sound with rich harmonics. The YSS-875EX comes with two necks - one straight and one curving - to suit different playing preferences. To facilitate playing into the altissimo range, the YSS-875EXHG includes a high G key. The YSS-875EXHG is available is lacquer, or silver-plated finish (YSS-875EXHGS).


High G key

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