SILENT Brass Practice Module



SILENT Brass practice module only for older (non-X series) SILENT Brass mutes.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

**PLEASE NOTE** The ST9 is compatible with older SILENT Brass mutes and systems. If you have a newer SILENT Brass system or mute with an 'X' in the model number, the newer STX practice module can be ordered as a replacement part from the Yamaha 24x7 website.

The ST9 is a tiny amplifier, small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, which offers a choice of 'clean' or echo enhanced sound. It lets you hear your own playing at the volume you are accustomed to, to prevent any over-blowing. An Aux In is a direct line-in for playing along with CDs or other recordings. The ST9 Personal Studio may also be purchased separately for players who already own a Pickup Mute.


Small, light and portable

The ST9 SILENT Brass module is smaller than a cassette tape and weighs about as much. It fits easily into a shirt pocket and can be attached to the player's belt, if desired. This makes it very portable and convenient.

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