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Jazz trombone players have a new voice.

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It's a great new lead trombone full of character, with a multi-dimensional sound that's perfect for a wide spectrum of playing styles and situations. It has a sweet sound when you want it, brilliance or bite when you need it, records beautifully, and has great projection for solos. And there's a beautiful 'sheen' in the tone when using slide vibrato which you just can't find on most other modern horns. One of the first things you notice when you try the Z is its response. It speaks immediately—probably faster than any trombone you've ever played! When playing very fast phrases, the clarity of each note is outstanding. You don't have to work as hard on the Z to sound better. Much better! Better than you've ever sounded before.


Inner slide

The chrome-plated nickel-silver drawn inner slide is very durable and has a quick, sensitive response. In addition, it is a one-piece drawn slide.

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