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Xeno Story...

Driven by designers with a strong passion to create an instrument that would be played in orchestras around the world, the Xeno series was released in Japan in 1990.

The word Xeno means "foreign," or "from the outside." As its name implies, the Xeno project involved internationally acclaimed foreign artists, especially including American and British born trumpet players and technicians to create and test countless prototypes. Artitsts in their own right, the craftsmen working on the Xeno project brought lifetimes of experience and an unparalleled sense of recognizing the most subtle nuances in the way each prototype performed.  Metals were studied at the molecular level, new processes were developed and the composition of all parts were analyzed in an effort to learn and evaluate the effect that the slightest adjustment had on the sound, resonance and playability of the Xeno series.

In 2001 the Xeno series was further refined and the YTR-8335S was released at last to the world market.

Since the introduction of the Xeno series, Yamaha has produced a series of outstanding instruments that bear the Xeno name. Leading the way are the Xeno Artist Model “Chicago” and “New York” series, whose debut in 2005 stunned the musical world. The Xeno development philosophy is to fuse an artist’s deep musical sensitivity and the expertise and skill of designers and craftsmen.

The Xeno series has garnered a reputation of reliability among players of all ages and skill levels. From it's debut in 1990 to the 20th anniversary celebration, the Xeno name has come to be associated with excellence, quality and the mindset of never being satisfied with existing achievement and to always pursue the ideal instrument.

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