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Yamaha Corporation of America ("YCA") is the exclusive authorized United States importer and distributor of Yamaha musical instruments, Yamaha Disklavier, Silent Piano, Clavinova®, TransAcoustic, AvantGrand, Premium, Grand, and Upright pianos. Some of these electronic products have a sophisticated array of features, and YCA has determined that a satisfactory customer experience requires services (including product delivery and set up and after-sale service and support) that can only be provided by an authorized retail dealer. YCA thus sells Yamaha Clavinova® digital pianos or Hybrid pianos only through authorized dealers via the dealer's retail storefronts, dealer websites, or directly through the YCA website. If you are a resident of the United States, you can purchase a new Yamaha Piano product only through those authorized dealers. For the above reasons, it is not possible to purchase a Clavinova® or Hybrid piano on eBay or from non-authorized retailers.

Many non-authorized retailers attempt to trade on the valuable reputation of the Yamaha name. They offer for sale Yamaha musical instruments that are not meant to be used in the United States.

YCA is aware that instruments that are not meant to be sold in the United States are being sold by non-authorized sellers on eBay. YCA is also aware that these sellers may claim these instruments are safe and/or covered by the manufacturer's warranty, or may not disclose the absence of warranty coverage. Yamaha Pianos that are purchased through non-authorized retailers and on eBay are not covered by YCA's warranty, and pose safety issues for U.S. users.

ADAPTER on the Power Cord

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3

Unauthorized instruments can be identified by any of the following:

  • Has an ADAPTER on the Power Cord (see Figure 1 to the right)
  • Has an altered Serial Number either on the back of the instrument (or under the keyboard)
  • Had the Serial Number removed from the shipping box
  • Does not have a UL mark on the Serial Number plate (see Figure 2 to the right)
  • Does not have an FCC mark on the Serial Number plate (see Figure 3 to the right; mark is usually WITHOUT the words in the outer circle)
  • Has Coffee, Candy or other consumables in the box
  • Has a copy of the Torah, the Bible or other religious material in the box
  • Has "Church Supply Gift" markings on the outside of the box.
  • Was shipped to you in its original carton (not delivered by a local dealer.) Clavinova® digital piano and Hybrid piano packaging is meant for multiple units to be bundled with plastic wrap and shipped on a pallet. The original packaging is not meant to hold up to the rigors of multiple shipments of individual units with common carriers. Authorized dealers will always unpack and inspect each unit before delivery to the customer’s home.

Instruments such as these are NOT intended for use in the USA.

Beware of any unauthorized website, including eBay, that offers for sale new Yamaha Clavinova® digital pianos or Hybrid pianos to residents of the United States. These sales are not authorized by YCA, and are not covered by YCA’s warranty.

If you purchase a Yamaha Clavinova® digital piano or Hybrid piano not designed for use in the United States, significant safety issues exist. Yamaha’s electronic products operate on normal alternating current and are designed for the specific requirements of the countries in which they are intended to be sold and used. The importation, distribution and use of such products not designed for the United States can result in (a) damage to the product, (b) damage to household wiring; (c) fire; (d) loss of insurance coverage and, in some jurisdictions (e) violation of municipal ordinances. In addition, any attempt to modify such products to enable them to operate on normal U.S. voltage and current may increase the above risks, and likely voids whatever non-U.S. warranty coverage, if any, as may have existed for the product.

If you purchase a new Yamaha product not designed for use in the United States, that product will not be covered by a warranty in the United States. Only YCA Authorized Dealers can provide new Yamaha products with warranty coverage valid in the United States. And, only YCA Authorized Dealers are trained to provide you with service and support before, during, and after your purchase.

If you purchased (or know someone who purchased) a Clavinova® digital piano or Hybrid piano on eBay, we suggest that you contact the seller to attempt to return the product. Be advised that the seller cannot provide a product authorized for use in the United States, and may not accept the return of the product and/or provide a refund.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a Yamaha Clavinova® digital piano or Hybrid piano, please do the following:

  • To find out if a dealer is authorized to sell Clavinova® digital pianos or AvantGrand® hybrid pianos in the US, please visit:
    Yamaha Dealer Locator, enter your zip code, click Next and then navigate to Musical Instruments >> Pianos & Keyboards >> Digital Pianos and then choose Clavinova® Digital Pianos to view the results.

To find out if a Clavinova® digital piano or AvantGrand® hybrid piano you purchased was designed for use/sale in the U.S., please click here for Clavinova® digital pianos or click here for Hybrid pianos to complete the form. Please include your model number (including finish designation, i.e., CVP705B or CLP535PE) and Serial Number.

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