Yamaha Welcomes Seven Spectacular Drummers from Multiple Genres to Company’s Legendary Artist Roster

BUENA PARK, Calif (December 13, 2016) — Yamaha Drums announced today the addition to the company's Artist roster of seven musicians from the performance and music-education sectors. All seven have distinguished themselves as drum artists in genres ranging from jazz to funk to thrash metal, fusing many of these genres along the way.
Clockwise from top left: Austin D'Amond, Andrew Lee, Robert Sweet, Brooks Wackerman, Keith Hall, Max Nudi. Not Pictured: Nate Werth
Austin D'Amond (Devildriver): A native of Southern California, Austin combines elements of classic thrash, punk and rock in his bombastic and infectious style. From touring and playing festivals with other Yamaha Artists, Austin was inspired to become part of the Yamaha family by the sound of the drums as well as the strong bond between the Artists and the company. Austin will be playing Live Custom series drums in emerald shadow sunburst with Yamaha's new RLS-1365 13x6.5 Recording Custom Series snare drum. Rounding out Austin's kit is 800 series hardware. Devildriver's latest album, "Trust No One" is available now.
Andrew Lee (Saint Paul and the Broken Bones): Andrew Lee is the dynamic, jazz- and funk-inspired backbone of Birmingham, Alabama's Saint Paul and the Broken Bones. Andrew picks and chooses just the right spot in each song to add his soulful signature. Inspired by legendary Yamaha Artists Dave Weckl and Carter Beauford, Andrew knew he wanted to play Yamaha drums from an early age. He will be playing Absolute Hybrid Maple series drums in gold champagne sparkle, along with 700 series hardware. The Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple series drums deliver the consistent clarity and smooth resonance that Andrew needs live and in the studio. Andrew is on tour now in support of the band's new album, "Sea of Noise."
Robert Sweet (Stryper): As Stryper's "Visual Timekeeper" (VTK), Robert Sweet's rock-solid and flamboyant style has inspired millions of drummers all over the world for decades. Robert needed drums and hardware that were perfect for him in terms of sound and durability; his choice was Yamaha. Robert will be playing Live Custom Drums along with the new Yamaha RLS-1470 14X7 Recording Custom stainless steel snare. Robert will also be using Yamaha Mega 900 series cymbal stands.
Nate Werth (Ghost-Note): Ghost-Note's Nate Werth joins the Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums Artist roster. Nate's DTX rig inspires the rest of the band, and opens new musical doors whenever they perform. His deep grooves and forward-thinking musical style make Yamaha DTX the perfect choice. Nate Werth is performing with the DTXM12 Multi-12 Electronic Percussion Pad, KP100 Kick Tower and HH65 Hi-Hat Controller.
Brooks Wackerman (Avenged Sevenfold): Brooks Wackerman of metal's Avenged Sevenfold has joined the Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums Artist roster. Brooks' intricate, hard-hitting drumming style, along with his outgoing and positive attitude, has made him one of modern rock's most influential players. Brooks will be using his DTXM12 Multi-12 Electronic Percussion Pad and individual XP80 pads both live and in the studio to deliver deep sonic layers to his already bombastic sound.
Keith Hall (Western Michigan University): As the Jazz Drum Set Professor for Western Michigan University, Keith Hall shares the same lifelong commitment to education as Yamaha has. A highly-respected performer, author and educator, Keith has devoted his career to bringing music to the world. Keith uses Absolute Hybrid Maple Drums, along with 600 and 700 series hardware.
Max Nudi (Independent): Max Nudi is one of the most talented young up-and-comers today. A Pennsylvania native, Max's style combines elements of jazz, fusion and rock in a way that is seamless. A fan and player of Yamaha drums for years, Max feels confident as his career marches forward that his Yamaha drums and hardware will be just as solid as his attitude and skill. Max uses Stage Custom Birch Drums and 700 series hardware.
For more information on the Yamaha Artists roster, visit www.yamaha.com/artists/