Yamaha Launches #ParentsChooseYamaha Initiative to Help Music Students and Families Make Sound Decisions About Instruments

BUENA PARK, Calif. (August 01, 2018) — Yamaha Corporation of America, the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer and longtime leader in music education, has just launched #ParentsChooseYamaha, a free online program to help parents choose the ideal string instruments for their children.
When students are given their first opportunity to learn a musical instrument, the violin comes in second in popularity, resulting in millions of children in need of a high-quality beginning violin. Spearheaded by the Yamaha Strings division, the program launches with a Violin Finder designed to help families choose the best violin for their children based on the child's age, body size, musical skill level and family budget.
"We've designed #ParentsChooseYamaha to take the mystery and stress out of finding a violin by looking at the important questions each family needs to answer before they start shopping," says Heather Mansell, product manager, Orchestral Strings, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Our Violin Finder page, for example, offers expert advice in plain language that parents—even those with no musical background—can understand."
The initiative is centered around a blog and an online quiz that walks parents through the essential questions they need to answer when evaluating a violin—size, tone, construction materials, build quality, manufacturer's reputation and approach to the environment. Mansell adds that Yamaha will also include postings where parents can share their real-world experiences in choosing string instruments for their kids, along with links to the retailers where families can get one-on-one guidance and test their options in person.
"Students and their families often have this important decision taken out of their hands by being provided rental violins that aren't always the best value or match for the individual child," Mansell says. "When students are given subpar instruments where the playability and sound are lacking, they are much less likely to continue to play. But be we believe that providing children with good sounding, easy-to-play instruments not only helps them learn more efficiently—it also inspires them. If they enjoy making music, they're more likely to keep studying over the long term. Providing the parents with the best information available gives their kids the strongest possible chance to succeed—now and in the future."
To learn more, take the quiz and find an authorized Yamaha dealer, go to http://www.yamaha.com/US/Violin_Finder.
For more information about Yamaha Strings, please visit http://4wrd.it/STRINGSONLINE.