Yamaha YVN Model 3 Violin Family Raises the Bar with Superior Design and Craftsmanship in Student-Level Instruments

BUENA PARK, Calif. (November 24, 2020) — Yamaha will be showcasing the complete YVN Model 3 Violin family during NAMM's virtual Believe in Music week starting January 21, 2021. The YVN Model 3 Violin family is comprised of the award-winning YVN Model 3, and the YVN Model 3 three-quarter and one-half size violins. Each provide students of all statures with a durable, well-crafted starter instrument for an exceptional playing experience.
Until now, the traditional techniques used to create fine stringed instruments remained virtually unchanged for centuries. The YVN Model 3 Violin Outfit has revolutionized key parts of the craftsmanship process, bringing a high-quality violin to the market with excellent playability, all while significantly reducing material waste. As a result, the YVN Model 3 Violin earned a 2019 NAMM Best in Show award for its consistency, durability, eco-friendly construction and great sound.
Following the success of the full-sized YVN Model 3 Violin, the company introduced two fractional sizes — the YVN Model 3 one-half and YVN Model 3 three-quarter violins — which offer the same exceptional playing experience, particularly to young students with smaller hands and stature.
Among the innovations used to create the YVN Model 3 family is the proprietary graduated "press-formed" spruce top that offers exceptional resonance, as well as the patented three-layer construction of the tops and backs that uses just one-third the amount of wood previously consumed. These improvements allow the violins to sing with the rich tone of a graduated carved instrument while maintaining student-proof durability for renters, all at a family-friendly price for those ready to invest in a quality starter violin. Educators will find the Model 3 to be a reliable starter instrument that requires less trips to the repair shop.
Computer-aided design makes the Model 3 family of violins easier to service than traditional string instruments. Each piece is as precise as the one before it, making it both faster and more cost-effective to keep the violin at peak performance — an important consideration in academic music programs. The uniformity of each model is so precise that educators can replace the instrument's bridge themselves in just minutes. The construction of the YVN Model 3 family is so consistent, it can literally be heard from instrument to instrument, allowing educators to create a cohesive ensemble sound.
"The YVN Model 3 Violin represents an entirely re-thought and innovative student instrument that brings great sound and durability to classrooms at an affordable price," said Ken Dattmore, marketing manager, Strings, Yamaha Corporation of America. "The completion of the YVN Model 3 family gives educators the ability to serve students of all levels and stages of musical growth with a well-crafted instrument while ensuring sound consistency throughout their program."

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha YVN Model 3 YVN003,YVN00312 and YVN00334 (MSRP: $845.00) include a bow and sturdy shaped ABS case and are currently shipping.
To see the Yamaha YVN Model 3 Violin family on display during Believe in Music week, January 21-24, 2021, please register online at https://attend.believeinmusic.tv
For more information about the YVN Model 3 Violin family, please visit https://yamaha.io/YVN