Snare Drum Stands


The basket tilter from the ever popular SS-740A snare drum stand has been fitted to the SS-850. This reduces weight, while retaining adjustability and durability. The new basket design also allows the stand to sit 1" lower than the previous model.

SS-950 Double braced snare drum stand

The SS-950 has a new centered ball and socket tilter that allows almost limitless angle adjustment. The location of the tilter also allows the full power of each stroke since the force is driven straight into the vertical tube. The basket can be quickly detached from the vertical tube by loosening a single wing nut, allowing for compact storage or quick snare drum changes at a gig. The new three-arm basket design allows the SS-950 to sit almost 2" lower than the previous model.

SS-740A Single Braced Snare Stand

Medium weight, single-braced

SS-662 Snare Stand

Light weight, compact design, single-braced, for 12" and smaller snare drums

  • Snare Basket Adjustment Knob

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.