YTM Series Timpani Mallets


Soft legato head for muted passages

  • Model: YTM-1
  • Hardness: Legato
  • Band Color: Orange
  • Shaft: 14.5" wood


General head for all-around playing

  • Model: YTM-2
  • Hardness: General
  • Band Color: Blue
  • Shaft: 14.5" wood


Soft staccato head for playing with a moderate attack

  • Model: YTM-3
  • Hardness: Staccato soft
  • Band Color: Yellow
  • Shaft: 14.5" wood


Medium staccato head for playing with a strong attack

  • Model: YTM-4
  • Hardness: Staccato medium
  • Brand Color: Green
  • Shaft: 14.5" wood


Hard staccato head for playing with a very percussive attack

  • Model: YTM-5
  • Hardness: Staccato hard
  • Head Color: Maroon
  • Shaft: 14.5" wood

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.