Always in tune with you

Always in tune with you


Acoustic authenticity whenever you need it

The TransAcoustic™ piano introduces a new way for you to musically connect with your instrument, enhancing the playing experience by using all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify digitally generated sounds. The TransAcoustic piano will envelop you in a way that even the most sophisticated speaker systems cannot. Expand the sonic footprint of your acoustic piano to meticulously recreate the sound of a 9-foot Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, transform it into an electric piano, or add orchestral strings to the acoustic piano. The TransAcoustic piano stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

LIFE WITH A TransAcoustic™ PIANO


Acoustic Resonance For The Digital Domain

When a hammer strikes a string in an acoustic piano, all elements of the instrument resonate harmoniously, amplifying and accentuating your performance. TransAcoustic technology uses these same acoustic elements to bring digital sounds to life.

Experience 3-Dimensional Sound

When we enjoy music through a traditional audio speaker, the sound is directed to our ears from a single source that does not resonate with its surroundings by design. When we play an acoustic piano, the sound is omni-present and resonates with all elements of the piano, including the strings. TransAcoustic technology takes advantage of the piano soundboard by infusing it with vibrational energy using specially designed transducers. The result is an enveloping sound with true acoustic string resonance.

Technology Engineered To Optimize Acoustics

Commonly used transducers are too heavy to install on soundboards since the transducer weight compromises the soundboard's essential functions. In response, Yamaha developed transducers specifically for acoustic pianos, designing them such that only the lightweight vibrating parts are installed on the soundboard. This allows faithful reproduction of the sound of an acoustic piano.