YAS-101 Recommended Connections

Last Update: 2/16/2012

Recommended Connections for YAS-101/ATS-1010

The following connection diagrams are two easy one cable connections between the YAS-101/ATS-1010 and your TV.

You do not need to disconnect any of your sources from the TV and you would use the TV like you normally did before the Yamaha product was introduced.

Most TV’s have Optical outs and this would be the default choice.  If you’re TV does not have Optical output for digital and has the Coaxial output instead.  You would utilize the Second connection option. 


First connection: (Default)

Optical output from your TV to the TV optical input on the YAS-101/ATS-1010.  

Then select the TV button    on the Yamaha remote.

Second Connection: (If your TV does not have Optical.)

Coaxial output from your TV to the STB Coaxial input on the YAS-101/ATS-1010.

Then Select the STB button    on the Yamaha remote.

Once you have made that connection and selection, all audio signals you select on your TV will be sent out to the YAS-101/ATS-1010. 

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