RX-V679 Volume Fixed Message when using Zone 2

Last Update: 11/7/2015

When raising the volume on Zone 2, the message `Volume Fixed` is displayed.

That means that the receiver's Power AMP Assign is set to Basic or Bi-AMP.  To enable the
amplifier to control volume output on Zone 2 speaker output, you need to change the Power
AMP Assign to 7CH+Zone in the On Screen Menu.  The receiver has to be connected to a
TV via HDMI out to get to the On Screen Display Menu. 

1.  Press the On Screen Button on the remote to bring up the On Screen display on your TV.
2.  Arrow to the Setup Option and press enter. 
3.  Arrow to Speaker and press enter.
4.  Arrow to Manual Setup and press enter.
5.  Arrow to Power Amp Assign and press enter. 
6.  Arrow to 7ch + 1Zone and press enter. A gold check will appear on it. 
7.  You can now press the On Screen Button to exit the menu. 
8.  Switch the remote to Zone 2 and try the volume. 

Note: This only applies to the Zone 2 speaker output, the Zone 2 line level output is not adjustable.
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