DTX502 Series : Adding Additional Drum or Cymbal Pads to the Kit

Last Update: 3/13/2015

DTX502 Series : Adding Additional Drum or Cymbal Pads to the Kit

The preconfigured kits for the DTX502 - DTX522KDTX532KDTX562K - give customers a wide range of options for triggering and playing , In addition ,users can add up to four single-zone pads to their kit via the Kick and Tom inputs. Pads that were multizone initially, become single zone when their trigger input is shared.

To add a pad using the KP65 input, connect a 1/4" mono (or TS, for Tip-Sleeve, pictured below) cable from the additional pad to the "Pad ► In" connector on the back of the KP65:

In addition to the KP65's input, the three Tom inputs are actually dual-mono inputs, able to feed two single-zone pads into two separate trigger inputs (as labeled on the inputs themselves, pictured below). To access these trigger inputs, a 1/4" Stereo Male (or TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve) to Dual Mono 1/4" (or TS, like above) Female adaptor is recommended (see picture below):

NOTE: The additional trigger inputs for the KP65, Tom1, Tom2 & Tom3 are Triggers 8, 10, 11 & 12, respectively, as labeled on the module.

Once all the additional Pads/Cymbals are connected, refer to the FAQ on creating a custom User Kit to learn how to change the default sounds for the new triggers (if desired) here.

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