What are the differences between Yamaha Graded Hammer Actions? GHS, GHE and GH3

Last Update: 11/4/2011

GH / GHE (Graded Hammer effect):
One of Yamaha's premium weighted actions, provides greater accuracy for faster repetetive passages required by intermediate and advanced pianists. Professional grade components provide a smoother,quiter mechanism when striking the keys.

GHS (Graded hammer Standard):
Well suited for the beginner pianist and delivers the graded, weighted touch piano teachers recommend for building proper technique for playing acoustic pianos.

Like GH / GHE, but GH3 also swings back faster, like high quality piano keys. GH3 allows the player to feel the weight of the key when depressed a second time, even when the player has not completely released the key after the first push of the key.
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