Using the Smart Chord Feature

Last Update: 8/14/2014

How does Smart Chord work?

NOTE: This feature is used in conjunction with the Style feature.

Smart Chord will allow novice users to trigger chords within a user-determined key and music genre with one finger. This means that once you tell the keyboard what key you’re playing in and what genre of music you’re playing in, it will automatically determine the type/character (major, minor, diminished, 7th or dominant, etc.) of the chords triggered for you. The steps on how to successfully use the Smart Chord function are detailed on p.31 of the Owner’s Manual, and are outlined below:

TIP: You can also play the Styles in the instrument’s flash memory area transferred from a computer (refer to “Computer-related operations”—page 9) or loaded from a USB flash memory (page 76), and Styles on a USB flash memory connected to the instrument. These styles are numbered from 196 upward.

1) Press the [STYLE] button and select a Style.

2) Press the [ACMP ON/OFF] button to turn on the Auto Accompaniment.

NOTE: ACMP appears on the lower left corner of the screen when Auto Accompaniment is on.

3) Press the [SMART CHORD] button to turn on the Smart Chord function. The lower right hand of the display (above REGIST and PLAY PART) indicates the current Smart Chord settings, KEY and TYPE when the Smart Chord is on.

4) Hold down the [SMART CHORD] button until the SMART CHORD setting display appears.

5) On the KEY SIGNATURE page, use the dial to select the Key Signature. Make sure to select the Key Signature which is same as that on your music score, or your desired key for playing. Check the Key Signature indication at the right bottom corner of the display.

TIP: Since the number of flats or sharps is shown to the right of Key Signature in the display, you can also find the desired Key Signature by counting the number of flats or sharps.

NOTE: Use the Category [<<] and [>>] buttons to switch between the KEY SIGNATURE to TYPE pages.

6) On the TYPE page, select the genre that closest relates to the music to be played. This page provides five Types of music genres which determine the specific chord assignment for each scale note in the Auto Accompaniment range.

Note: Since you selected a Style at the beginning of the process, your results should be great. You can, however, select a different Type at this point for different results, if desired. To do so, from the SMART CHORD display press the [CATEGORY] buttons to select the TYPE page then use the dial to select a Type. The actual chord assignments are provided in the Smart Chord Chart in the separate Data List, and below for your convenience.

• The root of a chord shown at the bottom left of the display during Song recording may be different when the recorded Song is played back.

7) Press the [SYNC START] button to turn Synchro Start on.

8) Press a key in the left hand portion of the keyboard to begin playing the Smart Chord performance.

NOTE: According to the music score or the chord progression of your performance, play only the root key with the left hand. Pressing a key starts playback of the Style. You can try the chord progression F - F# - G - C - F - C in order referring to the score on p.31 of the Owner’s Manual.

9)  Press the [SMART CHORD] button again to turn off the Smart Chord function.

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