QY100 -Updating the QY100 to the Latest ROM Version

Last Update: 2/26/2011

CAUTION: This process will overwrite ALL User data in the QY100.

Downloading the update:

1. Go to: http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/Home/YamahaHome/

2. Click on Search and type in QY100 in the Enter a Keyword or Model Number field. Click submit

3. Select QY100

4. Click on Resources', which is underneath the QY100 picture

5. At the bottom of the screen, select QY100 OS v1.37


1. Double click on the file. The following screen is in Japanese, rendering this screen illegible if no Japanese fonts are available

2. In the field provided, type the location of the extraction destination (i.e. c:), then click OK


1. Connect the QY100 to either a PC, MAC, or a sequencer (using the MIDI IN/OUT ports) and set the QY100 Host Select switch to MIDI

2. Turn ON the QY100 while pressing [m7(9)], [mM7], and [m7(11)]

3. From the sequencer, load and then play the QY100_v137.mid file (found in the QY100_v137folder, created in step 2 of Extracting) This process will take 18 minutes.

4. Turn the QY100 off AFTER the message Completed is displayed

5. Turn the QY100 on while pressing [AMP SIMULATOR], [PARAMETER], and [SONG]

6. Release those buttons and the screen will display Main ROM V1.37

7. Turn the QY100 OFF, then back ON

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