Montage: Assign Aftertouch

Last Update: 6/18/2016

Montage: Assign Aftertouch

1) Select the Performance  to be edited.

2) Press the [EDIT] button

3) Select Performance Part by pressing one of the [1/1] -[8/8] buttons

4) Press the 'ELEMENT/OPERATOR' [COMMON] button

5) In the display, tap [Mod/Control]

6) Tap [Control Assign]

7) In the display, if you don't see 'Destination and 'Source', press the [+] box

8) Select 'AfterTouch' as the 'Source'

9) Under 'Destination' select what is to be controlled/triggered by the Aftertouch

*See Control List section in the Data List for the control options

10) Press [Store] to save edited Performance

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