Digital Pianos

With over a century's worth of experience manufacturing world-class acoustic pianos and over a half-century in Hi-Fi audio and electronic instruments, the range of Yamaha home and professional digital pianos are second to none. From the portable P-Series to the amazingly versatile CVP-609 Clavinova grand, Yamaha has a piano for musicians at every level.

Yamaha Digital Piano Line

Yamaha makes the finest digital pianos around. The absolute best Yamaha digital pianos are Clavinova and Modus. Grand piano touch, tone and pedals are emulated at the highest level.

When starting your search for an entry-level console digital piano, start with Arius. The "upright" of Yamaha digital pianos, the Arius series gives beginners the basic features they need.

Arius Models
Compact and stylish digital pianos for a wide range of piano-playing abilities. Choose from home models like the fun DGX-650 or the pianist-centric P-255.

Contemporary Models
CP stage pianos are for professional pianists and keyboardists seeking the touch and tone of Yamaha world class Premium Concert Grand Pianos, along with professional connectivity and portability.

CP Models

What Technologies Does Yamaha Use In Its Digital Pianos?

Real Grand Expression:

By harmonizing the three key elements of tone, touch and pedals in a single piano, Clavinova digital pianos give you the feeling that you are playing an acoustic instrument. The RGE Sound Engine lets you enjoy the playing response and expressive capability of a concert grand piano. It features Smooth Release, which measures the speed of your key release. This clearly enunciates legato notes from staccato with the sound of lingering resonance when you gently lift your fingers from the keys.

CP Series

Yamaha exclusive Spectral Component Modeling technology (SCM) found in the CP1, CP4 Stage and CP40 Stage uses modeling technology to virtually recreate the physical components of the piano, i.e., hardness of the hammers, resonance of the soundboard, strike position of the of the hammers, that adds a new level of realism and believability to the sound. SCM also virtually eliminates the breaks between velocity layers of both acoustic and electronic pianos further enhancing the realism. When combined with the Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) technology that realistically replicates not only the preamp circuits but also the vintage effects processors and speaker systems, the CP Stage series responds to the players touch with extremely faithful reproductions of both acoustic and vintage electric pianos.

Yamaha MusicSoft

Whether it’s for learning, performing or simply for listening enjoyment, adding your favorite songs and other content to your Yamaha instrument has never been easier. Browse the MusicSoft libraries by instrument, or even by artist, and start downloading your content today.
Clavinova FollowLights songs teach beginners to play popular melodies one note at a time. As the player progresses, the orchestra speeds up and slows down to match their playing tempo. FollowLights utilizes Guide Mode found exclusively on CVP Clavinova digital pianos.
The You Are the Artist series pairs best-selling books from Hal Leonard with play-along song recordings from Yamaha MusicSoft. Learn hit songs from artists like Coldplay, The Beatles, Adele, Johnny Cash and more. These easy piano arrangements allow you to play along with bands and orchestras, conveniently from Yamaha digital pianos like CVP Clavinovas, featuring the XG sound chip.

Yamaha Apps

With exclusive Yamaha Apps, you can learn, play and share your music in ways that were not possible a few years ago. MusicSoft Manager, when used with a Clavinova, is a great way to add new song content from the Yamaha MusicSoft in-app store and also capture audio recordings to share with your friends via "the cloud". The P-255 Controller app adds a color touch screen interface with any iOS device.

Yamaha Stage Piano Features

CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice

The latest flagship of the CF series, the CFX full concert grand piano represents the pinnacle of Yamaha tradition of piano crafting. Beautifully made with an exquisite tone and an amazing dynamic range, the CFX sample set is now available in an extremely expressive and portable stage piano.

88-key Natural Wood Graded Hammer (NW-GH) keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keytops

Natural Wood keys offer the weight and response that piano players expect. Adding different weight or "grading" the keyboard reproduces the feel of a piano's hammers: heavy in the low end and light in the high end. The surface of the key is lightly porous thanks to Synthetic Ivory keytops that add grip to the keys. This maintains accuracy during long performances or practice sessions. Finally, a third sensor allows grand piano-like key repetition where notes can be re-articulated without a complete release. This makes it easier to play fast, repeated notes and is one of the main reasons pianists choose grand pianos over uprights.

Spectral Component Modeling (SCM) Tone Generation System

Spectral Component Modeling re-creates the physical mechanisms of the instrument like hammer hardness and strike position, soundboard resonance, etc. This provides adjustment of tone and transition between velocity layers, effectively eliminating abrupt breaks and jumps. With SCM, tone adjustments -- that previously required a skilled technician, tools and time -- can be made from the front panel. Additionally, smooth and seamless transitions between velocity layers provide an expressive and dynamic playing experience.

VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) Effects

Virtual Circuit Modeling re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage effects and high-end studio signal processors by modeling the circuits down to the original analog component level.


Series Lineup

MODUS Series Designer Pianos

MODUS Series Designer PianosMODUS Series Designer Pianos

Yamaha's finest digital pianos offer both form and function with cutting edge digital piano technologies. All from the world's leading acoustic piano manufacturer.

Clavinova Grands

Clavinova GrandsClavinova Grands

The Ultimate Luxury in Piano Performance. Clavinova Grands recreate the formal elegance and high-class appearance. Enjoy the best of music worlds.

Clavinova Ensembles

Clavinova EnsemblesClavinova Ensembles

With a wide range of interactive musical features, CVP Clavinovas make any musician the conductor of their own virtual orchestra or band. Practicing piano has never been this much fun.

Clavinova Traditionals

Clavinova TraditionalsClavinova Traditionals

Piano sound, keyboard touch and pedal feel; the goal is to achieve the true expressive capability of a grand piano, which can happen only when these three factors are in harmony. The Clavinova CLP Series have essential features for practicing and pla...



Attractive wood cabinetry and Yamaha's legendary heritage in piano craftsmanship make ARIUS/YDP the premier name in entry-level console digital pianos.

Contemporary Digital Pianos

Contemporary Digital PianosContemporary Digital Pianos

Compact and stylish digital pianos for a wide range of piano playing abilities. Choose from simple models like the Music Industry's best-selling P-105 or entertainingly versatile DGX-650.

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Sound of a Grand Piano with the Versatility of a Digital.



Discover a new world of music with this compact personal piano.



76-Full Size Key Portable Digital Piano



Acoustic Expression...Electronic Advantages



61-Full Size Key Personal Electronic Piano



Yamaha Quality you expect - at an unbelievably low price that you don't expect.



61-Full Size Key Personal Electronic Piano






Traditional acoustic piano playing experience with the modern benefits of digital audio.

YDP-S30Other colors available



Walnut + Black finish digital piano with GHS keyboard, and AWM Stereo Sampling voices.

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