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Authentic and fine quality digital piano, with amazing range of features that give musicians more options when composing and performing.

With a wide range of interactive musical features, CVP Clavinovas make any musician the conductor of their own virtual orchestra or band. Practicing piano has never been this much fun.

Clavinova CVP / CGP Series has a rich, subtle sound and exceptional dynamics from the gentle pianissimo to the powerful fortissimo. Models range from 10 voices (including harpsichord and organ) to hundreds of MIDI instruments, and many include effects, large full-color display screen, and even built-in karaoke. Internet Direct Connection (IDC) functions expand music enjoyment. The ultimate family-friendly instrument.

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CVP-609GP Digital Piano

CVP-609GP Digital PianoCVP-609GP Digital Piano

How could Yamaha improve the design of the ultimate Clavinova CVP-609 digital piano? Put it in a polished ebony grand piano cabinet.

CVP-609 Digital Piano

CVP-609 Digital PianoCVP-609 Digital Piano

The finest Clavinova piano sound, the finest Clavinova piano touch, in the most advanced CVP digital piano ever.

CVP-609 Digital PianoOther colors available

CVP-605 Digital Piano

CVP-605 Digital PianoCVP-605 Digital Piano

Give your inner musician more Voices, more Styles, and wireless iPad connectivity for countless hours of digital piano entertainment.

CVP-605 Digital PianoOther colors available

CVP-601 Digital Piano

CVP-601 Digital PianoCVP-601 Digital Piano

Bring out your inner musician with the new Clavinova CVP-601 digital piano.

CVP-601 Digital PianoOther colors available

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