Yamaha ABS-Auto Release and Field-Corps Carriers by MAY® Offer Players Unprecedented Comfort, Freedom and Maneuverability

Yamaha ABS-Auto Release and Field-Corps Carriers by MAY® Offer Players Unprecedented Comfort, Freedom and Maneuverability




ANAHEIM (January 19, 2017) – Yamaha announces enhancements to its current fleet of ABS and Field-Corps carrier models by Randall May International. These ABS-AR exceptional carriers offer percussionists comfort, freedom, stability and maneuverability while preserving the ABS Posto wellness technology/features mandatory to achieve their full performance potential.

Now, players will no longer have any delay getting in and out of their carriers quickly, thanks to the new ABS Auto-Release feature, enabling rapid mount and dismount, without loosening of any of the ABS sizing or contour fit adjustments. MAY patent portfolio combines Posto Series technology with Contour Hinge, which allows for independent upper and mid body contour adjustment to custom fit a wide range of player sizes, and AR/Auto Release (now with the multi patent pending ABS/Articulating Back Support), the first and only carrier design to promote/maintain proper posture, while mitigating unwanted forces that could affect correct spinal alignment.

The ABS Posto magnesium/aluminum tubular design supports a 1:1 real time extension of the elaborate performance maneuvers that are essential to contemporary band performances. Incorporating J-Rod-free technology, these carriers offer drummers unprecedented freedom of movement. Providing an unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, the ultra-light polycarbonate abdomen plate is virtually free floating, bears no torque weight from the drum, and inverts, allowing for different body contact point variations.

Additional features include infinite torso height adjustment; precision machined/bent magnesium shoulders to provide optimum comfort, utilizing one of the lightest weight materials, resulting in a 38 percent weight reduction (compared to their aluminum counter parts) without sacrificing durability; reversible ABS positioning preferred position/adjustment for larger players; shoulder support angle that allows adjustments to the shoulder camber positioning (left and right) and shoulder support rotation caster positioning (back to front).

Combining a fixed tubular structure with the unrivaled strength of all MAY Tubular Technology, the Field-Corps aluminum tube carriers now feature a new tapered reversible black aluminum belly plate. These patented carriers continue to provide an ergonomic, lightweight, gender-friendly design that makes it the optimal carrier for comfort and adjustability when budgets are limited. The Field-Corps design also features infinite torso height adjustment; tow-in adjustment; shoulder rotation and an adjustable back bar.

Like the ABS Posto Series, these carriers utilize aircraft aluminum alloy for the MAY Tubular structures but with standard J-rod technology for drum mounting hardware. The MAY adjustable back bar is supported by the MAY Comfort Air System.

Yamaha expects the quality of this advanced carrier fleet to appeal to multiple facets of the marching percussion community, including: percussion instructors, band directors, students, corps directors, music program boards of directors and school district purchasing managers.

"We feel these new products continue to represent our unwavering commitment, in advancing the marching activity with unprecedented innovation improving comfort and wellness. In addition, having Yamaha provide MAY products and technology with their quality instruments for more than 20 years has been paramount in reaching the core of the activity while advancing comfort and wellness for both genders." said Randall May of Randall May International. "Both the ABS and Field-Corps series represent the convergence of advanced engineering, exceptional construction and high-quality materials, to help players bring theirperformance to the next level."  

The ABS Series (MSRP: $480 to $516) and the Field-Corps Series (MSRP: $324) are shipping now. 

For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth at the 2017 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 19-22, 2017 or http://4wrd.it/CARRIERSBYMAY