Yamaha 'Make Waves': Tuning an Iconic Brand for Success

BUENA PARK, Calif. (January 24, 2019) ― Yamaha Corporation is continuing its bold push into the future by announcing a far-reaching campaign called "Make Waves," launching this month and aimed at the makers and lovers of music and sound everywhere.
"Make Waves" is, in part, a pledge that Yamaha will continue making breakthrough innovations and products that inspire new and greater forms of artistic expression. At the same time, "Make Waves" is a call from Yamaha to musicians young and old, aspiring and experienced, to share their passion with them and with the world, to make new connections and to move others with their unique sound. With these new connections and sounds, these musicians will make waves that have a positive impact on our popular culture.
The company's corporate philosophy, "Sharing Passion and Performance," guides the people within the company in making Yamaha better and more successful. The new brand promise builds on this philosophy as its logical extension. It translates that passion into an outward-looking, emotional connection with those who use what Yamaha crafts for them. The call to "Make Waves" encourages people outside Yamaha to express themselves and grow artistically, and to connect in turn with other music makers as part of something bigger than themselves.
Yamaha is in a unique position to drive this ripple effect on a global scale by consistently coming up with well-designed and original products that drive access to new tools and new sounds further out to more people. With this new promise, Yamaha embraces the fact that musicians and sound professionals want more than the tangible aspects of gear, they want a partner in creation.
"Make Waves" is a cornerstone for the global artistic community and dealers who interact with these artists daily, and Yamaha will continue to be a trusted partner and ongoing collaborator in the creative process. Yamaha will always be there to help artists push the conceptual boundaries of craftsmanship and performance.
Yamaha will be implementing this brand promise over the course of many months, starting at the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim. Visual and thematic elements will be evident in everything Yamaha brings to the show, from the look of the Yamaha booth to the mood of the "Yamaha Concert on the Grand 2019" banner event. Following NAMM, "Make Waves" will gradually make its mark on all aspects of the company's public face, from its various online outlets, blogs and social media to print and broadcast materials, educational projects and promotional and charitable efforts.
Matt Searfus, vice president of integrated marketing and communications, Yamaha Corporation of America, says, "When you play music, you make more than sound. You tell stories, you make discoveries, you make people listen and make moments people will never forget. Yamaha wants you to make your impact. We want you to Make Waves."