CD-C600 Five-Disc CD Changer Discontinued

CD-C600 Five-Disc CD Changer Discontinued

Features include iPod and USB compatibility, MP3 and WMA compatibility and Pure Direct.

  • Yamaha patented PlayXchange
  • Full opening disc tray for changing five discs at a time
  • Pure Direct
  • Extremely sophisticated circuitry and layout for short signal paths
  • High-performance DAC
  • MP3 and WMA compatibility
  • USB port on front panel
  • iPod compatibility
  • RS-232C interface and IR in/out

High Sound Quality

・Pure Direct

・Extremely sophisticated circuitry and layout

・Short signal paths

・High-performance DAC for high conversion precision with low noise

・Laser pickup floating mechanism

・Intelligent Digital Servo

Advanced Features

・Yamaha PlayXchange for enjoying uninterrupted music

・Full opening disc tray for changing 5 discs at a time

・MP3 and WMA compatibility

・USB port on front panel for iPod and other devices

・iPod compatibility

・CD-R/RW disc playback compatibility

・RS-232C interface and IR in/out for custom installation

・Numerous convenient playback functions

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.