All-Weather Speakers

Innovative weather proofing and outstanding sound make the Yamaha All-Weather line of speakers among the best options for any outdoor setting.

Wireless Speakers

Pair your mobile devices and compatible Yamaha home products seamlessly with any MusicCast wireless speaker. These speakers allow you to pair your mobile devices wirelessly for a variety of modern functions.

Home Speaker Systems

With each model featuring HD sound to help you enjoy any form of home entertainment, these powerful and stylish home speaker systems are the perfect all-in-one package for any listener.

In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speakers

Design your perfect sound system for home or office with our in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. Built as easy-to-install solutions, these compact, yet powerful speaker offerings feature superior sound quality for the custom professional or do-it-yourself sound lover.

Speaker Packages

Designed to offer a premium audio experience, these speaker packages offer something for everyone, from the easy-to-please to the cinema expert who can call out the most subtle nuances in a film's soundtrack.


No sound system is complete without a powerful low end, which Yamaha offers with this line of pulse-pounding subwoofers. All subs are equally capable of playing music or movies, with most featuring advanced, high-performance bass technologies from Yamaha, to create a rich, impactful experience.