YAS-875EX Alto Saxophones Discontinued

Your voice, the new Custom EX alto saxophone

The new Yamaha YAS-875EX Custom EX alto saxophone marks a huge step forward for saxophone design. Offering players a wealth of new musical possibilities, the new Custom EX has been designed in collaboration with some of the world’s most talented saxophonists, including Nobuya Sugawa, Jean-Yves Fourmeau and Otis Murphy. Their invaluable input has meant that Yamaha have been able to create an instrument that sounds great, is comfortable to play, and that constantly evolves with the player.

YAS-875EX Discontinued

Finish: Gold lacquer

YAS-875EXS Discontinued

Finish: Silver-plated

YAS-875EXGP Discontinued

Finish: Gold-plated

YAS-875EXB Discontinued

Finish: Black lacquer

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.