Product Safety Information

We have heard from many Yamaha customers the desire for information on disinfecting musical instruments and professional audio equipment. Yamaha product designers and engineers have developed this valuable and detailed guide. We hope you find this information useful as you enjoy Yamaha music and professional audio products.


PA-10B AC Power Adapter Recall

In conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Yamaha Corporation of America is recalling its PA-10B AC Power Adapter with date codes ranging from 2126 to 2319. Yamaha is printed on the front of the black power adapters. The date code is printed on the back. If you have a Yamaha PA-10B AC Power Adapter that has a date code ranging from 2126 to 2319, you should immediately stop using the adapter and contact Yamaha for a free replacement. Please click the link above for more information.


Bench Recall Notice

Yamaha’s electronic products operate on normal alternating current. The importation, distribution and use of such products not designed for the United States can result in (a) damage to the product; (b) damage to household wiring; (c) fire; (d) loss of insurance coverage and, in some jurisdictions (e) violation of municipal ordinances. Further, any attempt to modify such products to enable them to operate on normal U.S. voltage and current may increase the above risks, and is also likely to void any non-U.S. warranty coverage as may have existed for the product.


Coin/button Batteries

Documents regarding the General Certificate of Conformity are available.