Rubin is a German/Canadian composer for film and media who was born and raised by a painter and a photographer in Cologne, Germany.

At the age of six, he was introduced to music when he started playing the piano and singing in the Cologne Cathedral Choir. Being a soprano, his passion for melody grew, and he quickly expanded upon that by writing his own piano pieces.

While taking lessons at the Jazzhouse School in Cologne, he improved his talent for improvisation. His teacher Ron Cherian taught him to strengthen the structure of his compositions and maintain the listeners interest while improvising.

Rubin usually begins writing early in the morning, taking the time to explore the characters, setting and history of the project he’s working on. From there, he’ll sit down at the piano to find the right melodies and work out the appropriate instrumentation.

Rubin's work has been featured in documentaries, short films and advertisements. Recently, he performed alongside Martin Herzberg at the Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin and the Rudolf Oetker Hall in Bielefeld, Germany.

In his debut album "Ruhe" he collected the first melodies he ever recorded with his mother's old compact camera, various iPods and sound recorders, and reinterpreted those works in his studio in Berlin, combining them to give an insight into his childhood.