Chris Hesse


Chris Hesse

Chris Hesse was born in the outskirts of Humboldt County, a lush costal area of northern California. His mother and father were both active musicians and encouraged him at an early age to follow in their footsteps. He started at age 5 with piano which he kept up until his mid teens when guitar and drums became more enticing. Somewhere inbetween he also took vocal and guitar lessons, broadening his musical horizons. In middle school he decided to pick up the drums thinking that his father had played them his whole life, maybe there was something to it, thus beginning his career as a drummer.

Chris's experience in piano helped him excell in all types of percussion, bells, tympani and many others. He joined every school band and ochestral group his small town had to offer. Through these groups he met a talented clan of musicians from a neighboring town. He began playing with these kids, forming a handful of different bands.

When two of them decided to move to LA and attend Cal Arts he moved with them. Instead of enrolling at Cal Arts he started answering adds in the recycler for "drummers wanted", all the while crashing in his friends dorm rooms and attending classes un-announced. The second add he answered was for the band that would become Hoobastank.

Hoobastank's self-titled debut album was an immediate success, going platinum in the first year. Their sophmore album has reached 3.5 million world wide and is still going.

They are currently working on their 3'd album, due out in late '05.

Chris Hesse signed on with Yamaha in 2001 but their relationship did not begin there. He worked at a drum shop during college where he first became familiar with yamaha drums. He not only noticed that they consistantly sounded better than the rest of the drums in the shop but they also sold 3 times as many as anything else in the shop.


Single Foot Pedal - Chain Drive and convertible to the Belt Drive.


The HS-1200 hi hat is ideal for drummers that prefer a three-legged stand, but still use a double pedal or play left foot clave patterns. The front two legs are single braced, allowing more room for placement of additional pedals. The third leg is double braced for more stability, and it has a retractable spike to keep it where you put it. The HS-1200 ships with a short pull rod to accommodate open-hand technique, and a longer rod for drummers that like their cymbals set up higher. The HS-1200 includes the new design locking clutch that will not come loose, even if you play your top cymbal very loose.


The new infinite adjustment cymbal tilter allows virtually any angle adjustment, placing your cymbals right where you want them. The hinged boom tilter clamp grips the boom more securely, and the memory lock adds extra security to keep your cymbals right where you put them. Plastic plugs in the vertical tubes prevent them from rattling, which can be picked up by microphones in the recording studio.


The SS-950 has a new centered ball and socket tilter that allows almost limitless angle adjustment. The location of the tilter also allows the full power of each stroke since the force is driven straight into the vertical tube. The basket can be quickly detached from the vertical tube by loosening a single wing nut, allowing for compact storage or quick snare drum changes at a gig. The new three-arm basket design allows the SS-950 to sit almost 2" lower than the previous model.