2014 U.S. Junior Original Concert


2014 US National JOC

The concert will be held at the Virginia G. Piper Repertory Theater, Mesa Arts Center, in Mesa, Arizona on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 4:00PM.

The concert will feature 13 student composer-performers from 8 Yamaha Music Schools including a guest performer from Canada.

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About JOC

Presenting Personal Sentiments through Original Compositions

The Junior Original Concert (JOC) offers children aged 15 or younger studying at Yamaha Music Schools opportunities to perform their own compositions in public. Since its start in 1972, the JOC program has expanded worldwide as an activity to promote the growth of children, and we now receive more than 35,000 applications as children's messages each year. Many remarkable compositions are performed at the class-level and school-level concerts put on by Yamaha Music Schools around the country, at the JOC Regional Concerts aimed at enhancing the cultural level of local communities, and at the International Junior Original Concerts providing a venue for outstanding musical compositions from children worldwide. Many JOC participants have gone on to outstanding, active professional careers in music and other fields, and have won high praise all over the world.

Local Yamaha Music Schools

The activities of Yamaha Music School graduates around the world are a testimony to the scope, appeal, and quality of the Yamaha method. These graduates include millions who appreciate and enjoy music as a vital part of their lives as well as those who have attended major music conservatories, won national and international music competitions, and become professional musicians and teachers.

  1. Coldwater Music School: (623) 535-7778
  2. East Valley Yamaha Music School: (480) 926-4441
  3. Phoenix Yamaha Music School: (602) 504-0042


To Reserve tickets or obtain information please contact one of these authorized Yamaha Music Schools:

  School Contact E-mail / Number
East Valley Yamaha Music School Heidi Grimes office@evyms.com
(480) 926-4441
  Phoenix Yamaha Music School Motoko Suzuki motoko@phxyamahamusic.com
(602) 504-0042
Coldwater Yamaha Music School Sharon Lamb sharon@coldwatermusicschool.com
(623) 535-7778