Become a Teacher

Become a Teacher

There are many things I love about teaching YMES. The fact that the curriculum continues to change and improve keeps me growing and learning musically and as a teacher. After 35 years of being a YMES teacher, I can honestly say that there is never a day that I do not walk in to work happy to be there and looking forward to the day. Most of my friends cannot say that about their respective careers! Gloria, teacher-owner, CA

Become a Yamaha Music Education System Teacher

When you become a YMES teacher,

  • You will be joining the ranks of a dedicated and talented group of music educators, devoted to sharing the joys of music through the unique Yamaha method.
  • You will belong to a network of thousands of YMES teachers throughout the world, who strive to bring the highest quality of music education to students every week.
  • You will experience the satisfaction of teaching students in a group setting and working with parents to create a positive learning environment both in class and at home.
  • You will attend inspiring seminars at Yamaha Corporation of America in Buena Park, CA with other new teachers from around the country.
  • Your understanding of the music learning process will be greatly enhanced and profoundly deepened.
  • You will receive ongoing support from Yamaha's expert YMES Education Specialists throughout your career as a Yamaha teacher.

To begin the YMES Certification process, you'll need to be hired by a school authorized to offer YMES programs. Click here to find SCHOOL LOCATIONS.

To ensure that YMES teachers have the necessary musical skills to make the Yamaha teaching philosophy a reality in the classroom, the Yamaha Teacher Certification Process includes the Teacher Candidate Exam. Your local Yamaha music school location can provide details about the exam, which includes

  • Keyboard performance
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Improvisation
  • Sight singing and accompaniment
  • Transposition
  • Aural skills and knowledge of music theory

Here's an overview of the certification process:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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New teachers describe their seminar experience:

I really appreciate that the seminar teachers were coming from a wealth of experience. Sometimes a simple anecdote or comment from their experience was a revelation... Most importantly, the seminar showed me that my teaching must foster a love and awareness of music in order for anyone to learn. Jay Jay.

Everyone was very supportive of each other, and we all were learning and sharing ideas about teaching music. All teachers came from everywhere, but we had one ultimate goal-to be a better music teacher. Julia.

To see master teachers in action was a great experience. I was inspired by their methods and ideas. I felt much more confident going back to teach after observing them. Donna.

I especially valued the opportunity to receive immediate feedback and coaching while teaching the group. The ability to fine-tune my approach to group instruction was very valuable. As a result, my confidence in leading classes of all ages has grown... Above all, I realized that the inspiration behind the music is the foundation to any lesson. I want to pass on my knowledge and passion for music to students in a way that inspires them to want to learn. Elyse.

New teacher-owner in NJ, John, describes what he loves about teaching YMES courses:

  • It is encouraging to watch the students who are not as initially responsive as others develop into young musicians.
  • It is fascinating to see how the ear-voice-keyboard connection is made.
  • The students arrive at the school always with boundless energy and enthusiasm.
  • Realizing that students enjoy the course materials and love the CD and DVDs!
  • Getting to know each family beyond the classroom.
  • Watching the way the students interact with, and support each other.
  • Listening to my daughter sing all of the YMES songs for fun.
  • I love to see how the students enjoy when a new piece is introduced.
  • Having the class sing through a new solfege melody and get most of it right away!

Long time YMES teachers share why they choose YMES:

I continue to teach Yamaha after all this time, because I can walk into a classroom with confidence. I know the research going into the program, the quality of student materials, and the standards Yamaha teachers have to meet. Plus, I've taught long enough to see the results of the program. I've had former Yamaha students call to tell me the ear training they had helped them pass the AP Music Theory Exam. I feel like I'm going to a class reunion when I go to music conventions because I bump into all of our YMES grads. I look at our local high school bands and orchestras and they are filled with former YMES students. Yamaha creates the environment for students to develop a love of music that lasts with them a lifetime. Tina, teacher-owner, GA

Yamaha is the best way to start students in music. The curriculum is timely and age appropriate. Being a YMES teacher is the best job in the world. I get to use everything I love to do: sing, play, dance, tell stories, create, meet interesting people. I make a difference in a child's life forever! Lois, teacher-owner, TX

Research scientists are proving how music making improves the quality of people's lives through mental and physical changes. I've seen those changes in action. I believe in their value and that's why I continue to teach. Music changes who you are and how you face the world. Participating in music making satisfies a basic human need to create something beautiful. I want to be part of that process and lead others in joyful discovery. The YMES music program deeply teaches foundational skills in such a way that students and their parents daily experience this process and have life-long implications from learning. Students absorb music through their study. They benefit from learned skills, intense listening activities and dedicated study through consistent practice. In the YMES program we give students tools that help them succeed in life as well as musical skills and abilities. When I look at other possible jobs I could do, I can't find anything to match the challenge, the joy and the long-term implications for making my corner of the world a better place. Donna, WI.